About Us


The Layers of Stanley Farms

The Stanley Family is a 6th generation family of Georgia farmers. Brian, R.T. Jr., Tracy and Vince are the current generation to grow the business from a local, seasonal farm to a year-round multi-location and multi-functional group of integrated businesses. They not only grow the Country’s famous Vidalia® Onions, they farm over 4,000 acres of other vegetable and row crops. Vidalia Valley, the processing facility, bottles thousands of cases and millions of pounds of peeled and diced onions; including reds, whites and yellows, each year. Vidalia Onion Farms, the IQF facility, freezes millions of pounds of diced onions, carrots and sweet potatoes each year. Vidalia’s Best, the fresh produce facility, grows and distributes fresh cucumbers, melons and sweet potatoes. When it comes to fresh and processed produce, the Stanley’s and their integrated business are your East Coast source for ‘Farm Direct Made Easy.’